Digital Ads & Social Media Marketing

At Digital Ties we have a focus on marketing science, our data driven approach is guaranteed to deliver the clear results you desire.

Digital Ads

We craft and manage advertising campaigns on search engines, websites and social media platforms.

Reach your customers wherever they are 24/7.

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Take full advantage of all marketing channels and evolving advertising technologies with Digital Ties.

Social Media & Content Marketing

A successful social media page will transform satisfied customers into regular customers. Grow your fanbase with our help!

Build a following with only satisfied and potential customers in the area, achieve a direct link to your customers so you can update them on new products and promotions.

Powerful digital strategies that boost sales and return visits immediately.

No jargon just valuable knowledge

What are the benefits of digital over paper advertsing?

Grow Your Sales Every Week

  • Digital Amplifies The Reach Of Your Current Website
  • Demographic, Geographic & Behavior Based Targeting
  • Transparent Pricing
  • Reach At least 30,000 Potential Customers From $599/mo.
  • Professional Graphic Design Included
  • Build The Trust & Preference Where It Counts
  • Discover Customer Insights & Data
  • Develop A Direct Link With Your Cherished Clientele

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We are experts at optimizing marketing efforts across all channels, so we only use what’s necessary for growth. That is our approach.

Digital amrketing

Here at Digital Ties, strategy is everything. Having a digital brand without a strategic plan is not only expensive but also a missed opportunity to expand, sell, and build customer loyalty.

We don’t do the minimum by only analyzing your competitors and customers, but go above and beyond by also analyzing your internal processes to help you figure out what digital marketing tools and strategies are best for your business and brand.

We begin with a brand diagnosis where we analyze your internal processes, publics, and competitors in order to define positioning and marketing tactics. After we determine your custom marketing mix, we’ll optimize the campaign based on hard data to maximize ROI.

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“Digital Ties Marketing was incredibly helpful. They provided tangible outcomes and produced great results”

-Ashley Calhoun, Development & Partnerships Manager Atlantic Impact