How to get sales without paid advertising

This is Digital Ties Marketing’s free beginner’s guide to how to get your first online sales without any advertising spend or investment. First off it’s important to know that 2020 brought about one of the biggest changes ever to business and advertising. The disruption of the pandemic didn’t bring anything new about, instead, it spedContinue reading “How to get sales without paid advertising”

What Is Digital Marketing

Today I wanted to answer the overarching question of “What is digital marketing?” without using jargon or over-used industry terms. A lot of people think that digital marketing is a new website or posting on social media. People forget that digital marketing is just traditional marketing through digital channels. These new digital channels, which youContinue reading “What Is Digital Marketing”

Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age

5 Steps to Success in 2021 Step 1: Analyse the Competition We need to be aware of the competing brand’s style, their product line, and their marketing efforts. If we understand this then we’ll be able to identify incoming threats to our sales and opportunities to differentiate from our competitors. Step 2: Audit the BrandContinue reading “Small Business Marketing in the Digital Age”

Traditional Advertising in 2021

How to maximize the return of old-school paper and traditional ads. Small businesses in 2021 must transition from advertising through flyers and local papers to digital marketing tactics. Traditional marketing on local publications is slowly becoming obsolete, huge national brands like SaveOn and Valpak close down markets every month due to the dwindling demand forContinue reading “Traditional Advertising in 2021”