How to get sales without paid advertising

This is Digital Ties Marketing’s free beginner’s guide to how to get your first online sales without any advertising spend or investment.

First off it’s important to know that 2020 brought about one of the biggest changes ever to business and advertising. The disruption of the pandemic didn’t bring anything new about, instead, it sped up the virtualization of most business operations, both internally and externally.

In 2021, entrepreneurs have the unprecedented opportunity to cut through dull corporate advertisements and soulless brands create a customer base that is loyal to them.


The very first thing you have to do is make sure you have a truly unique brand and product.  

The more niche and unique you can be, the better chance of success you’ll have.

Every entrepreneur needs to audit their personal hobbies, experiences, and skills before starting their business. Aligning a product offering to the founder’s values is the first step to differentiating their offerings.\

Research your competitors and figure out how your values, experience, expertise, and skills could differentiate your company and its offerings from the rest of your competitors.

A good question to ask yourself is: “Why?” Why do you do what you do? People are more willing to trust you if you have a good answer as to why you want to help them.


Next, you need to understand e-commerce. In 2021 e-commerce doesn’t mean investing thousands of dollars into a brand new website, instead, it means using the most cost-efficient online marketplace to process payments and sales.

You can sell anything online, so it’s very important you’re not a follower, but a disruptor. As a bootstrap startup it’s important for you take advantage of all the free e-commerce infrastructures out there that are waiting for you to generate sales with the sole investment of time. 

Check out our blog post comparing the ecommerce options.


Once you have your store up and your products/services listed, you can begin to prospect for your first sales without any advertisement spend. You can do this by using social networks to reach out and engage with people about your product.

Make sure you don’t reach out to people just to immediately ask for sales, but to instead present yourself and your idea/products/services and simply ask for their input. You’ll quickly gather valuable data and actionable advice. This also will increase the trust between you and your prospects by making them feel listened to when you act on their input.

You should reach out to hundreds of people by posting on social media groups. Once you have had a back-and-forth going with interested prospects, simply offer a sample product or a big discount so they can try your products or services out

Remember that just engaging with one hundred people is not enough if you want to invest $0 dollars in your ad spend, instead you need to invest your time connecting with individuals as possible customers.

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  1. Investing time and effort in the offline promotion of your company or website can also pay off. If you have a business website, for example, make sure the URL is displayed on your business cards, stationery, posters, and other materials. You could also use the mail to send out recurrent newsletters to clients informing them of fresh information on the company’s website.

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