What Is Digital Marketing

Today I wanted to answer the overarching question of “What is digital marketing?” without using jargon or over-used industry terms.

A lot of people think that digital marketing is a new website or posting on social media. People forget that digital marketing is just traditional marketing through digital channels. These new digital channels, which you already know as social media platforms, search engines, perhaps niche websites like a forum or directories, are advertising channels. These channels offer captive audiences that we can use to prequalify a large audience into possible customers and returning satisfied customers. The main benefit of running digital advertising versus traditional comes down to the cost and ROI.

Any time we run traditional marketing, we lose the opportunity to garnish data and we’re really in the dark as far as how much revenue came in from a particular coupon or flyer. In comparison, when we run digital marketing we will know exactly who did and didn’t like this message, and with a little bit of analysis, we’ll understand why. This is super important because we get to run a subsequent ad with full input, which will guarantee a better and better outcome every time we run it.

In 2021 you shouldn’t run traditional marketing without a QR code or a call to action back to your website. Any business that forgets this is missing an opportunity to garnish data and track return on investment. Now, I came up with the idea to create digital ties marketing because I saw an industry filled with web designers who call themselves marketers but have no idea about branding strategy, positioning, or business models. These marketers tend to piece out each service and charge blindly for it, which reduces the impact marketing has on your bottom line. I wanted to create a better service that could give businesses the boost they needed during COVID restrictions.

The average web design-centered agency can only deliver visually appealing websites and social media profiles that have little to no impact on sales. This is like creating a huge mall or a beautiful restaurant and dining room with no sign outside to tell people to come in. 

It’s one of the first and most common mistakes that I’ve seen both entrepreneurs and more experienced business owners do. 

What businesses need to achieve their goals is a digital strategy that aligns perfectly with their budget and revenue goals. This mix of unexpected strategies and tools can become very expensive at other one-size-fit-all digital marketing agencies where you’re likely to find cryptic very technical language that means little to you when thinking about your specific business.

Titles like SEO PPC SMS marketing and UX are too technical and vague in terms of your specific business model. So even after you pay a huge bill, you’re still left wondering if you are doing enough for your business. And the vicious cycle of only performing digital marketing activities a few months out of the year continues. 

So at digital ties marketing our mission is to simplify small business digital marketing by relying on the power of targeted paid advertising to fuel traffic and steady sales. Along with expert content, we maximize the impact of our advertising and generate brand loyalty.

I like using a car analogy because even if you’re not a car person you understand that when you don’t want to deal with what’s under the hood you rely on a professional.

We compare a digital brand to a vehicle that drives revenue and growth. This vehicle needs to be maintained and repaired. Moreover, if we wish to outperform our competitors we must invest in the right set-up and maintenance.

At Digital Ties Marketing we offer revenue growth through digital advertising. Plain and simple.

We simplify shopping for marketing services by letting you focus on what really  matters: the impact to the bottom line. 

Most digital agencies are web designers who coerce you into paying for marketing services separately when we know that what every business needs is a mix of tactics aligned to short-term revenue goals.

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