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Harness the Power of Digital Advertising

Attract new customers and propel return visits. Online ads only target your ideal customers so you spend less! Our effective, all-in-one Digital Advertising Campaigns or “PPC Ad Campaigns” are guaranteed to deliver steady sales growth at a sustainable monthly price.

Small businesses deserve cost-efficient marketing

Boost Sales & Reduce Marketing Spend

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Experience Exciting Results From Social Media

Your customers are using social media everyday. Posting engaging content, interacting with your audience, and answering questions are all effective ways to show off your brand and gain loyal customers.

If done correctly, a social media presence will yield brand loyalty and return visits as well as maximize the results from social media ads.


Why should I use a marketing agency?

Agencies help their clients create and carry out successful marketing strategy. They start by working to understand the unique challenges the organization and the brand is currently facing then align a mix of tactics that addresses each. Data-driven agencies can support your strategic campaign design, identify a target audience, aid creative content production and ads implementation, as well as track ROI and other customer insights. Digital Ties is an agency that specializes in social media and search engine advertising packages with guaranteed bottom line results.

Why do I need social media advertising?

In 2021, most consumers spend over an hour on social media alone every day! Consumers browse on their phones for a few days before making most purchases. Social networks offer a great opportunity to remind potential customers about your products and services during those times. Most business owners don’t have the time or expertise to effectively use these cutting-edge advertising tools in a way that puts them ahead of the competition. Businesses don’t need to be on social media just for the sake of participation, but an effective social media strategy can address a business’ unique challenges and produce sales growth.

Why do I need search engine advertising?

When customers want to find a business or product they pull out their phones and Google what they’re looking for. It’s extremely important for your business to appear (and look good) when potential customers search for you or your products/services. When you don’t advertise on search engines like Google, you lose business to competitors currently targeting your clientele. When business owners ignore or misuse Google My Business and other directories, they lose out on gaining new customers and maintaining repeat customers.

What does a good marketing campaign include?

1. A strategic campaign design process that identifies the gaps and defines objectives. 

2. Target audience selection process that takes into account all available data to align key digital audiences to your ideal clientele. 

3.  A creative strategy to craft key messages and visual elements, as well as how you will communicate the brand values.

4. ROI and marketing attribution tracking helps you understand the campaign’s success, along with other key insights.

What makes Digital Ties different from other digital marketing agencies?

Digital Ties considers a company’s unique product offerings and sales pipeline to create monthly marketing campaigns that maximize your marketing spend, increases ROI and brand recognition, and enhances your digital image. We don’t pre-package digital marketing tactics and push it as a one-size-fits-all solution to business owners the way other agencies do. We use all our knowledge and understanding of traditional marketing to align new digital advertising technology to each unique business model. We want you to experience all the benefits digital marketing has to offer. We would like business owners, real estate agents, and non-profits to ask themselves: “Do people know me, do they recognize my brand?” “Am I doing everything I can online in order to help my business?” “Does my online image and reputation reflect the quality of my work and my years of experience?” Our biggest priority is you- your business and the results. Book a free 15 minute consultation to see what we can do for you and your business.

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